[:en]Rich in exclusive active principles developed in the field of aesthetic medicine, Lysedia anti-aging products work on tired, toneless, dull skin. The revitalization process restores the vital potential of skin and tissues. It stimulates and boosts collagen production, reinforces elastin fibers and regenerates muscle mass.

It also helps strengthen the hydrolipidic film. Painlessly and invisibly, it completely revitalizes skin and reveals magnificent glow.

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  • Lysedia Radiance Kit

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  • Lysedia Revitalage Revitalizing Mask

    LYSEDIA Revitalage Revitalizing Mask 3×52,5 ml/3,17,25 g

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  • Lysedia Revitalage Regenerating Lotion S5

    LYSEDIA Revitalage Regenerating Lotion S5

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  • Lysedia Revitalage Revitalizing Day Cream

    LYSEDIA Revitalage Revitalizing Day Cream

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