Mio Strong is the New Skinny

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Strengthen your skin with Mio ‘Strong is the New Skinny’ Kit, a range of travel sized skincare products dedicated to transforming your skin’s appearance. Expect glowing, radiant, smooth looking skin with enhanced strength and protection.

The Set Contains:

The Activist™ Active Body Oil (1 fl.oz):
A daily nourishing oil like no other. Expertly locking in moisture, the multi-purpose body oil works to balance the look of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its intensely hydrating, antioxidant rich formula delivers moisture and nutrients deep down. As skin ages, natural oil production decreases, which can result in loss of bounce and radiance. Counteract this by feeding your skin essential nutrients and vitamins. Skin feels ultimately moisturized and protected.

Double Buff™ Dual Action Enzyme Exfoliator (1.7 fl.oz):
An exfoliating scrub that works to slough away unruly dead skin cells; rough skin becomes smooth, supple and radiant. Helping to reveal brighter skin, the scrub blends non-abrasive pumice, lava and Bamboo to gently polish and buff. Skin tone appearance is evened out and your complexion looks healthy, renewed and glowing.

Future Proof™ Active Body Butter (1.7 fl.oz):
A heavy-duty body butter that works to replenish and hydrate super dry skin, deep down. Packed full of moisturizing properties, including organic shea butter, hyaluronic acid and free radical fighting antioxidants, the rich butter helps replenish the moisture in ultra-dry patches whilst its nutrient-rich ingredients help to strengthen and re-densifying; skin can feel thicker, more resilient and mega-moisturised. Delivering intense hydration, the body butter effectively counteracts dryness and can boost elasticity, enhancing the appearance of skin bounce whilst delivering superfood nutrients for glowing, future-proof skin.